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Northwest AHEPA Family Educational Foundation

Applications for 2024 are no longer available. The deadline has past. The 2025 Applications will be available here on January 1st, 2025.

AHEPA District 22 has created and supported its own Educational Foundation since 1984.

"The Northwest AHEPA Family Educational Foundation is a non-profit, IRS-approved organization interested in promoting and assisting the educational endeavors of AHEPA Family Students. The Foundation awards scholarships to students on the basis of academic performance, community involvement, and/or financial need. Our contribution to the educational advancement of our recipients will provide us with tomorrow's community leaders who will continue to disseminate the Hellenic heritage and culture to future generations".

- The Educational Foundation awards scholarships annually to members of the AHEPA Family, and to qualified members of their families, who fulfill certain qualifications.
- Each Applicant must submit an Application Packet that includes a completed Scholarship Application and related documentation.
- The 2024 Application Packet must be postmarked and submitted to the Educational Foundation by March 31st, 2024, or else it will not be considered.
- The Educational Foundation will accept all submitted scholarship applications, and keep them confidential.
- Applications will be reviewed and evaluated by an independent third party (with non-Greek Community or AHEPA Family affiliation).  Applicants who best meet the Award Criteria will be awarded the scholarships.

Each year, AHEPA Family District 22 elects Foundation Board members, each member serving a 3 year term.

The Awards are presented at the Annual AHEPA District 22 Convention, which is usually held in June.

Recipients are strongly encouraged to attend the award ceremony.

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Qualified for scholarship are those individuals who are eligible, and meet other qualifications.

An eligible individual is someone who:

Has been inducted either in AHEPA, or in the Daughters of Penelope, or in the Sons of Pericles, or in the Maids of Athena in any one of the Chapters of District 22, at least one year prior to the date of applying for a scholarship; or
Is a child of, or under legal guardianship by an Endorsing Member, who is eligible under above paragraph.

In addition, the Applicant must meet the following qualifications:

Be presently enrolled in either High School as a senior, or in college, graduate or technical or vocational school.
Intend to attend an accredited college or university for an undergraduate or graduate program starting in the next school year, or vocational or technical school, for which the scholarship would apply.
Complete all requirements of the application process, as indicated on the application form.
The number of scholarship awards have a lifetime maximum for each applicant.

Individuals are qualified to receive a maximum of two (2) undergraduate scholarships and one (1) graduate scholarship.

The Educational Foundation will accept all submitted scholarship applications, and keep them confidential.
The scholarship applications are reviewed by independent volunteer educators.
Applicants who meet best the award criteria will be awarded the scholarships.

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AWARD Criteria

The Educational Foundation uses the following award criteria:

-  Academic achievement.
-  School activities, Honors and Awards.
-  AHEPA Family, Greek Community and other Civic Activities.
-  Financial need, only for those who desire to be considered as such, and complete the supplemental application form.

For all other questions, call Chairman (Thomas Spathas) 503-515-7203 or Email at: thomas@spathas.com
All awards are presented at the Annual District 22 Convention, which is usually held in June.

The 3/31/2024 deadline has past. The official 2024 AHEPA District 22 Scholarship Application is no longer available! See you in 2025!


Year 2023-2024

Office Name Contact Info Term
CHAIR PERSON Thomas Spathas thomas@spathas.com 2026
VICE-CHAIR PERSON Helen McClure helenzmc@aol.com 2024
TREASURER Zach Karanasos zaxapiask@gmail.com 2026
SECRETARY Elizabeth Franklin elizabethafranklin@comcast.net 2024
BOARD MEMBER Andrea Gray andrea@seattlegrays.net 2026
BOARD MEMBER Nick Karis nick@karisproperties.com 2025
BOARD MEMBER Olga Manos Daisymanos10@gmail.com 2025
BOARD MEMBER Fenia Mavromichali feniacollection@outlook.com 2026
BOARD MEMBER Mary Pazeotopoulos mpazeotopoulos@yahoo.com 2025
BOARD MEMBER George Sarantinos georgeathena@msn.com 2024
AHEPA DISTRICT 22 GOV. George McClure georgebmc@comcast.net  
DOP DISTRICT 22 GOV. Helen McClure helenzmc@aol.com  

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